How to Choose the Best Tattoo Shop in Dublin

Finding the right tattoo studio means you'll get a piece of art done that you'll love. Here are some tips on choosing the best tattoo shop in Dublin.

Best tattoo shop in dublin

Finding the right tattoo studio could be the big difference between a good, bad or amazing tattoo.

It goes without saying you'll want the tattoo artist to have the best skills and experience.

For this reason, check out our top tips on how to choose the best tattoo shop in Dublin.

Pick a Safe Tattoo Parlor

One in three young people currently have a tattoo - and the popularity isn't expected to reach its peak until 2025.

So, you're not alone in wanting to get the perfect tattoo. Yet, it's essential to visit a safe parlor.

The best tattoo shop in Dublin should not be seedy or disgusting.

An artist will be using a tattoo needle on your skin, so you must ensure you visit a professional studio.

If it looks dirty or has a bad vibe when you walk in, cut your losses and visit a more professional tattoo shop.

Pick an Artist You Like

Different tattoo artists will have different styles.

That's why it's so important to pick an artist you like. This will increase the likelihood of you loving the end result.

Not only should you like their work, but you should like them as a person, too. If you're getting a big tattoo, you'll have to spend a lot of time with the artist.

If you don't gel during an initial consultation, it might be a wise to visit another tattoo artist. Otherwise, you might later associate a tattoo with the artist.

It's important to realize that most tattoo artists will know the best places and details for a tattoo.

Yet, if you feel they are pushing you into a decision, you can say no. After all, it's your body and not theirs.

An Intricate Tattoo from an Intricate Artist

If detail is important in your tattoo, you must look for a tattoo artist who can create an intricate design.

For instance, you might have loved a cartoon tattoo they inked on a friend. Yet, this doesn't mean they are capable of creating a detailed design that stands out on your body.

If you want a portrait tattoo, visit an artist who specializes in portraits.

Ask for Recommendations

Does your friend have an amazing tattoo designed by a talented artist? Ask where they got it from.

If you want to replicate a similar design for your body, only the tattoo artist will matter.

The best inking for your taste will equal the best tattoo shop in Dublin.

Sometimes it's not about shop reviews, but it's about finding an artist who can create the best tattoo for you.

Go Online

Not sure where to start when looking for the best tattoo shops in Dublin? Go online.

Many tattoo artists are happy to showcase their handy work on a personal website or social media.

Visit their web and social pages to browse through their gallery.

Visit a Studio

Tattoo artists understand that getting a tattoo is a big decision.

For this reason, they'll be more than happy for you to ask about inspection control.

Any reputable tattoo artist will tell you how they safeguard their customers' health. From the ink they use to what happens to a tattoo needle following a tattoo.

You can also take a look at their portfolio to browse through for some inspiration. The studio will only feature their best work, not their worst designs.

If you don't like what you see, move on to the next shop.

Browse Reviews

One thing that unites many people is their love of tattoos. It's thought that 14% of teachers now have an inking, while 9% of servicemen also have a tattoo, too.

Social media is a modern-day form of word of mouth.

If a person didn't like a tattoo, they won't think twice about sharing their disappointment.

Search for a tattoo studio by their name on Twitter and Facebook to see what comes up.

You might find glowing reviews and tattoo inspiration from happy customers. Yet, you might read some less than glowing feedback about a studio.

This will help to separate the worst from the best tattoo shop in Dublin.

Discover an Artist's Skill Level

A talented artist doesn't equal a talented tattooist.

Your friend or cousin might be a great artist on paper, but it takes a different skill to master a tattoo needle.

Developing professional skills takes years to master.

You can determine an artist's talent and experience by looking at the lines. For instance, are any single lines straight with no visible wobbles? Are the lines designed with no joins?

Take a look at the coloring and shading, too. Is it even? Are there any dark color patches or blotches?

Looking for tattoo scripting? This isn't an easy skill to learn and it takes even the most talented artists years to master.

Does an artist have a consistently good portfolio of tattoos? This will be an indication of their experience, as well as their many techniques.

Know What You Want Before You Visit the Best Tattoo Shop in Dublin

Getting a tattoo is a big decision that shouldn't be undertaken lightly.

Before you do anything, you must put a little research into finding the perfect piece of art.

You wouldn't rush into buying a house or a car, so don't rush into getting a tattoo, either.

After all, you can move home or sell your car, but a tattoo is permanent.

The chances are, if you walk into a tattoo studio with no clue what you want, you might not end up liking the one you pick.

That won't be down to the tattoo artist, either. You might have just made a big mistake when you selected a random design that means nothing to you.

Think about the design you want before you even think about contacting a parlor.

You should also find a reference image and print it out for the artist.


Only fools rush in, so do your homework to ensure your 100% confident you've found the right tattoo for you.

Once you've done so, look for a safe parlor with talented tattoo artists on staff.

Remember, different artists will specialize in different designs, so choose wisely.

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