Celtic Tattoos

Are you thinking of having a new tattoo? Are you looking for a leading tattoo shop that can design Celtic tattoos? Welcome to Colour Works, a professional tattoo studio and social club based in Dublin 1. We have been established for over 14 years and since then we have developed a large client base. We see hundreds of clients from all over Ireland, which is why we have 7 tattoo artists readily available to create your dream Celtic tattoo.

Celtic tattoos often reflect the culture and traditions that were commonly found in Indo-European communities. Celtic art has a distinctive style and usually consists of patterns and tribal swirls. Whether you are looking to have a small design or are looking for a full sleeve, leg or chest piece, we will be able to draw up a piece that you will love. Once you are 100% satisfied with the design we will then transfer and tattoo it onto your area of choice.

We always work in a controlled environment and we sterilise all of the equipment we use, so you can trust us to keep your Celtic tattoo clean and hygienic. We use brand new needles with each tattoo we do, and yours will be disposed off immediately after your session. All of our inks are free from harmful pigments such as lead carbonate and are pre-dispersed, so the ink is guaranteed to be deposited evenly.

If you have been looking for a tattoo studio that can design Celtic tattoos, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Colour Works today. Give our excellent customer service team a call on (01) 872 7589 to book an appointment. Alternatively, fill out the contact form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as we can.