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Tattoo studio Dublin

If you are looking for the very best tattoo studio in Dublin, you need to visit the Colour Works website today. We were first established in 2004 in a small workshop above a clothes store, but with our growing reputation, we have expanded into a larger parlour where we are operating today. We have seven artists that have a wealth of experience and knowledge about tattoos – so you know we are the business you need to contact.


Here at our tattoo studio in Dublin, all of our staff are highly devoted and passionate about working closely with each client, to assist with designing and choosing a tattoo that works best for them. We have a range of templates and recommendations for you to choose from, as well as examples from previous clients and our own staff. Our entire team have a fantastic eye for detail and a wealth of experience in the industry, which enables us to complete all pieces to a very high standard.


When getting a tattoo it is always important that you choose a safe parlour, which is why you should contact Colour Works today. As a parlour, we choose to invest in the best equipment available to use for all of our clients and guarantee that all of the needles and tattoo guns have been sanitised and regularly maintained. Just as important as the equipment we use, the aftercare of your tattoo is vital to prevent any infections occur. We provide quality care products such as creams to ensure your tattoo heals properly.


If you want one of the best tattoos available, then you need to come to our reputable tattoo studio in Dublin. To enquire with Colour Works, you can call one of our artists on 01 872 7589. Alternatively, by providing your contact details on our website, we will look to get back in touch at the earliest convenience.

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